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Whatsapp privacy Allternatives

WhatsApp Alternatives that Grant Privacy

WhatsApp has been a trending topic on social networks in the past weeks. This is because of the controversy surrounding its modified...

How to become a ‘Yahoo boy’, a topic of interest to Nigerians?

'Yahoo boys', a general term to refer to internet swindlers and criminals in Nigeria, has become well known to both young and...

How to Protect Yourself from the Dangers of Facial Recognition Systems

Everyone seems to want to talk about the dangers of facial recognition technology. While that is going on, though, such talks will not do...
WhatsApp on Mobile

WhatsApp to stop working on these phones in a matter of weeks

In a few weeks time, WhatsApp will stop working on some selected phones running old operating system, as WhatsApp wi no longer provide support for the OS

How to Secure your WhatsApp and make it more private

Whatsapp is one of the fastest-growing instant messaging app in the world today, and chances are that you also use it. As a result...

FaceApp: Should You Use It? All You Need To Know

The face altering App, FaceApp has gained tremendous interest in the past few months with thousands sharing the results of their own experiments with...

Whatsapp Breached! Update your App Now to Avoid Getting Bugged

A vulnerability in facebook owned messaging app, WhatsApp has allowed attackers to inject commercial spyware on to Android and iPhone, by ringing up targets...
how to restrict how you are added to a whatsapp group

How to stop Just Anyone from Adding you to a WhatsApp Group

Sometimes ago, WhatsApp announced a feature to help users restrict how they are added to a group conversation on the app and it's said...

Telegram Cashed in on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram Outage; Gained 3 Million Users

Last week, on the 13thof March, many users around the world reported issues with whatsapp, messenger and instagram, ranging from inability to send messages...

How to Choose who can see your Whatsapp Status Update 

An amazing feature of the world's most popular messaging app, whatsapp, is it's status update. This feature allows users to share pictures, videos or texts...

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How To Disable Annoying Ads Showing On TECNO SmartPhone

Annoying Ads Showing On TECNO Smart Phone
TECNO unarguably has grown to become one of the leading Smartphone brands in Africa. This is owing largely to its competitive and cheaper price...