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Screenshot on windows

How to take Screenshot on Windows PC and Laptop

The majority of Smartphone users knows how to take a screenshot on their mobile devices, however the same cannot be said of Windows PC...
Windows 11

Windows 11: Release date and Features to expect

If you are surprised to hear Windows 11, you are not alone, so was I. However, comments by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggest that...

How to find your Missing/Stolen Laptop

If you use a Laptop, it has no doubt become an integral part of your daily life. Losing a laptop or having it stolen...
Screenshot on laptop

How to take Screenshot on a Laptop and Mac

There are many reasons why you may want to take a screenshot of your laptop screen Just like we commonly do on smartphones. This...

How to Connect Android Phone with Windows 10 Remotely

Microsoft is eager to make your windows PC and smartphone seamlessly work together. With the windows 10 October, 2018 update came an app called...

What are Function Keys (F keys) on Keyboard used For?

After using a computer keyboard for a while, you might naturally be curious as to what those keys across the top of almost every...
USB Drive in a Computer

Why should you Eject USB Drive Before Removing it

Should you eject a USB drive before removing it? Here is a question that has puzzled many computer users, both new and experienced. Mostly...
windows 10

How to Minimize your Internet Data Usage on Windows 10 – 2019

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system on desktop and laptop computers and it has evolved over time. The latest and best version...

Huawei’s Laptops Removed from Microsoft Online Store Listings

Huawei suffered a serious blow to its ambition to become the world’s top smartphone brand when its android license was revoked by Google, however...
you don't need safely remove hardware

Why you might not need ‘safely remove’ before ejecting flash drive on Windows

Almost every PC user either a pro or not is very familiar with the instruction to 'safely remove hardware' before pulling out a USB...

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