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Screenshot on windows

How to take Screenshot on Windows PC and Laptop

The majority of Smartphone users knows how to take a screenshot on their mobile devices, however the same cannot be said of Windows PC...
android phone keyboard

How to Access hidden characters and symbols on Android phone Keyboard

A vast majority of smartphone users worldwide today uses Android-powered smartphone. The Android phone keyboard has a number of superpowers, most of these are...
Scan QR Code

How to scan QR code with your Android Phone

More than ever before QR code (or Quick Response code), has become very popular and is used virtually everywhere. And typically a smartphone is...
WhatsApp logo

How to Set Different Whatsapp wallpaper for Different contact

Whatsapp has really come a long way in Instant Messaging and is currently one of the biggest in the Industry. Acquired sometimes ago by...
Facebook data breach

How to check if your Facebook data was Leaked

A massive Facebook data leak has gone viral in the past few days since the news was broken on Saturday. This recent breach calls...
Image showing Digital marketing book SEO

4 Secrets to Making SEO Work For You

The best way to get noticed in the pool of the internet world is a good SEO Strategy, and they are no more secrets

How to Protect Yourself from the Dangers of Facial Recognition Systems

Everyone seems to want to talk about the dangers of facial recognition technology. While that is going on, though, such talks will not do...
How to take Good pictures with phone

How to Take Good Pictures with your Phone

Everyone desires to have a very good image of themselves, even when it comes to photos. Thanks to Mobile phone cameras, we can take...

How to find your Missing/Stolen Laptop

If you use a Laptop, it has no doubt become an integral part of your daily life. Losing a laptop or having it stolen...
change look and feel of android

How to change the look and feel of Android Smartphone

Some Android smartphone comes loaded with ads on their custom OS (e.g TECNO) or less attractive appearance. As a user, you may...

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