Facebook data breach

How to check if your Facebook data was Leaked

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A massive Facebook data leak has gone viral in the past few days since the news was broken on Saturday. This recent breach calls for more concern as all the leaked data were released on a hackers’ forum for free.

This breach is so enormous that it spans over 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries with data ranging from users’ phone numbers, birthdates, location, bio, and email addresses. It is of course only natural if you ask, ‘How do I know if my data is among the leaked data?’

How to check if you are part of the Facebook data breach

Following the data breach, a security researcher and creator of the site “Have I Been Pwned”, loaded the leaked data on “Have I Been Pwned” website for users to search using their Facebook phone number.

  • To check if you are part of the Facebook data breach, go to haveibeenpwned
  • Enter the phone number you use for your Facebook account in the space provided (should be in the international format)
  • Click on the pwned? button and wait for your result


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