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WhatsApp Alternatives that Grant Privacy

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WhatsApp has been a trending topic on social networks in the past weeks. This is because of the controversy surrounding its modified privacy policy. Barely a week into the New Year (2021), WhatsApp announced that for users to continue enjoying its service, they would need to share their data with Facebook.

Privacy advocates find it shocking that the world’s leading chat messenger is forcing people to give up their data. WhatsApp contains the data of more than 2 billion people around the globe. What happens if that data gets compromised? Businesses could get ruined, secrets would be out in the open, and the world as we know it could change.

The obvious solution is to find a chat messenger that values your privacy. In the meantime, you may consider this archive to know the best practices to keep your WhatsApp secure.

Below, you’ll find the most exclusive chat apps that can offer a reasonable security and privacy and equally fill the void WhatsApp has created

Best Chat Messenger Alternatives you can Utilize

  1. Wickr

Wickr offers end-to-end encryption which is the safest form of messaging. Simply, end-to-end encryption makes sure that if anyone attempts to spy on your conversation with another person, it would prove futile.

Wickr’s code is open-source, which means anyone with a programming background can verify that Wickr is private and never stores user chats. On Wickr, you’ll be able to see if the person you’re communicating with screenshots your chats. The app offers free services and paid plans.

  1. Signal

Signal is reputed to be one of the top three most private chat messengers, it has in fact been a trending alternative since the WhatsApp Privacy saga. Just like Wickr, it offers end-to-end encryption and is open-source. With Signal, you have the option to access your app each time with a password.

You can also send self-destroying messages on the app too. The most practical form of trust in Signal stems from an event in 2016. Signal received a subpoena from the government and was asked to give up user information.

The company began a legal fight resisting the government’s actions. After losing the battle, the messaging app was only able to give up inadequate data like the date of registration of the users. This was because it was the only information Signal had saved

Steps to Protecting your Privacy Online

The is obviously no ‘one solution fits it all’ when it comes to staying safe and maintaining anonymity on the internet. The success of this comes from your behavior and what tools you use. I have written here about the best tools that can help you stay secure and how to be more cautious when using the internet (Behavior). Below is a brief

  1. Get Tor Browser

Whenever you watch a movie involving tech-savvy individuals, you’ll most likely hear the words ‘dark web’. It exists in real life and is accessible with the Tor Browser.

The dark web allows anyone online to become anonymous. This is because it bounces web traffic which makes it hard for an entity to track you. If you need to go private online, use Tor Browser.

  1. Supplement with a VPN

A VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to change your location when you’re browsing the internet. It does this by changing your IP address, making it seem like you’re in a different region.

When combined with Tor Browser, your anonymity becomes top-notch. You would be able to communicate anonymously with any individual or organization and not fear being discovered. When you download a VPN on your device, you get all-around anonymity across your browsers.


Whatsapp’s new privacy policy may not afford you the privacy you seek. To have fully private conversations, you can use alternative messaging apps like Signal and Wickr. Other ways to go private online include using a VPN with Tor Browser.

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