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WhatsApp Will Now Be Showing Ads !

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Whatsapp – the most popular Instant Messaging App with over 1.5 Billion Global users – is officially getting ads. The company’s Vice President Chris Daniels Confirmed to Outlook India. This will put an end to the ad-free days of the popular app.

We are going to be putting ads in ‘status’. That is going to be the primary monetization mode for the company as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp – V.P Chris Daniels Said

WhatsApp status was launched early last year to mimic the stories feature of Instagram and Snapchat The status feature has become very popular among Whatsapp users – even surpassing Snapchat usage. The feature provides the opportunity for you to share stories in text, photos, videos, and GIFs which lasts for 24 hours. You can download a contact’s status media even without screenshot or a third party app. However, to the disappointment of many, status area will now be containing ads, just like on Facebook, the App’s Owner.

Although no timeline was given for the change, it can be expected as soon as next year. This is coming after a year of speculations into how Facebook-owned messaging service would monetize itself after dropping the initial idea of subscription fee in 2016.

Why The Ads Are Coming

Back in 2012, WhatApp made it clear in an article titled “why we don’t sell ads”  that the app will not be containing any form of ads. However, in 2014, Facebook bought Whatsapp for roughly $19 billion. In 2017, just last year, both co-founders of Whatsapp also left, therefore opening the door for Facebook to do as it sees fit with the app. In 2016, Facebook experimented with payment of subscription fees from users, how it has since been dropped. Therefore, according to Whatsapp VP Daniels, adding ads to the App will be the primary means of monetizing the app.

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