Tecno and Infinix Which is Better

TECNO and Infinix: Which is better?

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The mobile phone industry has seen tremendous growth in the last decade and mid-range phones account for a large chunk of the market share. All thanks to its cost-effectiveness. In this category, TECNO Mobile and Infinix mobile has become a force to reckon with. These two brands have become the most popular brands in a country like Nigeria and the majority of Africa and growing in popularity in some Asian countries like India and Pakistan. One reason is due to the fact that they offer some of the cheapest smartphones in these markets.

However, there has always been a great debate about which is better; TECNO or Infinix? There are many reasons a person will base his choice, from the aesthetic and design of a brand to the price, durability, availability, and of course the processing power. I will try to examine these two brands on those criteria to help narrow down which brand wins. But first here are few things to know about TECNO and Infinix Mobile.

TECNO and Infinix: The Origin

Both TECNO and Infinix Mobile originated from the same parent company, Transsion Holdings, from Hong Kong China. However, Tecno is a bigger brother when it comes to age. Tecno was established as far back as 2006, manufacturing ranges of feature phones until later when it dived into the amazing world of Android smartphone with its first release in 2014.

Transsion Holdings, having had a very solid footing in Africa, in 2013 established another brand, the Infinix Mobile, in addition to its already flourishing Tecno and iTel mobile phone. Interestingly, there was never an Infinix feature phone, it started with an android smartphone.

Infinix mobile phones are manufactured in France, Bangladesh, Korea, Hong Kong, China, and India and are available in Asia and in about 30 countries in the Middle East and Africa, including Morocco, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, and Algeria. (Wikipedia). Tecno, on the other hand, has a wider reach, up to 60 countries, and have one time emerged as the biggest smartphone brand in Africa, even surpassing Samsung in market share in Nigeria.

TECNO or Infinix: Which is Better?

Aesthetic and Design

The two brands always give their best when it comes to their designs. Worthy of note is that there are some models that even closely resembles other high-end devices in design, e.g Infinix S5 with its infinity display resembles that of Samsung A series or iPhone. When comparing TECNO and Infinix design though, it has always been the case that most TECNO devices come with a newer flagship design that has never been implemented on any Infinix device, so Tecno most times had it first. For example, the first Dot-in-hole camera design came Tecno Camon 12 air before Infinix S5 lite a month later, the first pop up selfie camera is a Tecno device, the Camon 15 Pro.

In addition, because of its wide varieties (more than Infinix), the brand is able to implement many designs, with some of its best at the top of the line Phantom series. Therefore if generally comparing the two brands on the ground of aesthetics and design, Tecno will score more marks.


This is the factor that sets apart any device, categorizing some as low-end, mid-range, or high-end, the technology used. Bothe Tecno and Infinix devices are generally categorized as Mid-range (Majority of their flagships) with some of their models also being low-end. However, Tecno brand has some devices which could narrowly scale to the high-end range, the Phantom series, they built with more features and more power, there is no Infinix device that could compare as of now. Infinix has an edge though, its the only one with a model that shipped with Android one, Infinix Note 5, this gives you the best android experience.

Processing power and Battery

Processing power is another major determinant of a better device, but interestingly both use Mediatek Processors ranging from dual, quad to Octa cores. Both devices also have models built for endurance with big batteries, but as always Tecno had it first and bigger. For example, Tecno has for a long time have a few models built with 6000mAh battery while we are still expecting the first Infinix to have a 6000mAh battery.


One big selling point of smartphones today is its camera. Camera quality has surpassed just the number of Megapixels, but also its technology. Tecno dedicated the Camon series to make sure that users get the latest and best of a mid-range camera phone. While Infinix cameras are also very superb, Tecno Camon makes it seem like Infinix cameras are just generic. For some, this is still a controversy as to which camera is the best, but just know there is just as much as you can get from a mid-range camera phone, Tecno Camon or Infinix. But for the sake of this article, I will give it to Tecno because of its Camon series.


Hands down, Tecno beats Infinix on this one. Tecno models are so numerous that you can get one with any size of your budget for a smartphone. Its the only brand that has a Tablet as well, and are in more countries than its counterpart.

Software and Stability

Tecno and Infinix are android based but are shipped with their own OS flavor baked into it (except Infinix Note 5 that uses Android One), HiOs and XOs respectively. Both are fairly stable with updates and patches regularly released. However, more recently the Tecno HiOs come highly bloated with ads littering the whole screen, this can be very annoying. However it’s not without a solution, you can disable those ads or totally remove the HiOs launcher and use another ads-free replacement. On this, I give it to Infinix

The Better one: TECNO or Infinix?

While this article is not exhaustive on the many criteria of comparison, the simple facts are;

  • Both remain a mid-range device and you should not expect the performance of a high-end device.
  • Choose a device based on your need(camera, battery power, processing power or screen size) and budget. This can be available on both brands and
  • Remember whichever you choose, they are made from the same parent company, Transsion Holdings.

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