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How to change the look and feel of Android Smartphone

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Some Android smartphone comes loaded with ads on their custom OS (e.g TECNO) or less attractive appearance. As a user, you may wonder, how to change the look and feel of Android smartphones.

The high level of customization of the Android OS allows users to change the look and feel (ranging from the font, icon type, size, and layout) of their phone at any time. As a result, the majority of Android smartphone makers customize the Android Operating Systems that come with their devices, except if it is an android one (as obtainable on some Nokia and Infinix Note 5). Most of these custom Android OS are baked with their own OS, for example, the HiOs for TECNO phones and XOS for Infinix phones.

One reason you as a user may consider changing the appearance of your device is that these custom OSs are responsible for the appearance and feel of your Android mobile devices which you might not like. In addition, some of them, like the HiOs comes highly bloated with ads. This can be a very uncomfortable experience and highly confusing for someone not too familiar with ads. You are not stuck with this, there’s a way out.

How to Change the look and feel of Android smartphone

A quick way to achieve this is to change the theme. However, the effect is only minimal, limited to a change of icons, colors, and possibly font.

The best and most lovely way to change the look and feel of your android smartphone is to download and install a Launcher. A third party launcher will change virtually all the design and appearance of your device. Interestingly, some very good ones like Microsoft launcher gives you added functionalities which are not originally shipped with your device. In addition, you can get a rest from the constant ads, and have your device uniquely different from others who even use the same phone as you do. So head on to play store and search for the best launcher that suits you.

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