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Android 10 Q to Come With a System-Wide Dark Mode

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Android users have for some time wish for and pleaded with app developers and Google to implement dark themes on the OS. Now it appears, the dark theme is finally coming with the next Android version, Android 10 otherwise called Android Q.

An Upgrade for Android 10 Q

An early beta of Android Pie made it seem like Google might bring a dark theme to the mobile operating system, but, that wasn’t entirely the case. This new information got out,  thanks to a Googler’s comment on a now hidden Chromium Bug Tracker post, via Android Police, there’s now hope that a system-wide Dark Mode might come with the release of Android 10 Q.

“Dark mode is an approved Q feature […] The Q team wants to ensure that all preloaded apps support dark mode natively. In order to ship dark mode successfully, we need all UI elements to be ideally themed dark by May 2019.”

Google’s decision to focus on a Dark Mode is unsurprising. Over the last several months, we’ve seen a positive outlook on the number of Google-made apps that implemented a dark theme. As we approach the May 2019 deadline set in the Googler’s comment, we could see a majority of the company’s mobile apps add an option to change the look of the user interface.

What is Dark Mode and Why Important

The dark mode is a feature that replaces all colored and white spaces of your theme with a dark background. This ultimately puts less strain on the battery and therefore lasts longer. The dark mode also has a health benefit, as it reduces eye strain during night time use. These and others make the dark mode visually appealing. The Googler went ahead to point out the settings path where the system-wide option would be located when it is roles out. Despite calling the feature Dark Mode in one instance and NightMode in another, the path remained Settings -> Display -> Dark Mode/NightMode.

Do you want a system-wide Dark Mode within your Android device? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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