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Instagram Back Online After a Brief Outage 

At about 00:20 GMT on Tuesday (7:21 p.m. ET on Monday),, a website that monitors outages reported issues with Instagram as users around the world...
whatsapp Reply Privately

WhatsApp To Allow Users Reply Privately In A Group Chat

Since its inception, Whatsapp has grown rapidly to become the most popular Instant Messaging App Worldwide. Over the years the company has gone through...

Huawei’s Plan B amidst the Tech War

Huawei - the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer-has found itself caught in the middle of an escalating trade war between two giant nations...

Henceforth, you don’t need to ‘safely remove’ before you remove a flash drive, Microsoft...

Almost every PC user either a pro or not, is very familiar with the instruction to 'safely remove hardware' before pulling out a USB...
Google suite to allow editing Microsoft office files

Google Docs, Sheet and Slide Now Allows you to edit Microsoft Office files Directly

A great news for those who use Google's suite of apps for easy collaboration, as Google suite now allows users to edit Microsoft office...

Whatsapp Breached! Update your App Now to Avoid Getting Bugged

A vulnerability in facebook owned messaging app, WhatsApp has allowed attackers to inject commercial spyware on to Android and iPhone, by ringing up targets...

Huawei looses Android License as Google Breaks up with the company

Google - the owner of the world's largest operating system, Android- has reportedly suspended all businesses with the world's second-biggest smartphone maker, Huawei, and...

Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm, other Computer chipmakers join Google in Outcasting Huawei

It has been a very bad day to start the week for Huawei and it doesn't appear to be getting better as more Tech...
WhatsApp on Mobile

WhatsApp to stop working on these phones in a matter of weeks

In a few weeks time, WhatsApp will stop working on some selected phones running old operating system, as WhatsApp wi no longer provide support for the OS

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