Instagram Cracks Down on Fake Likes and Followers 2

Instagram Cracks Down on Fake Likes and Followers

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One of the world’s most popular social media platform Instagram, has launched a campaign to crackdown on fake likes and fake followers. It was found out that many of instagram users (mostly celebrities and infuencers) have adopted some form automated third party apps that gives them more likes, followers and leaves Spammy comments on their posts, with the hope of growing their audience.

Users typically have to provide their username and password to these services, which then take control of their accounts and automatically Like, comment on and follow accounts associated with desired hashtags to dupe them into following the unscrupulous user back.

In its official Blog post yesterday 19th of November, Instagram says it will now be removing from people’s accounts who use these apps inauthentic follows, Likes and comments that violate its policies; sending them a warning to change their password to cut ties with these apps, and saying people who continue using these apps “may see their Instagram experience impacted.”

Instagram crackdown on fake likes and fake followers
Instagram prompts the users of the third-party apps to Change their password

How It works and What to Expect

Instagram says it has built machine learning-powered moderation tools that will help identify which accounts use these services and automatically remove the likes, follows, and comments. Any accounts that are identified as using third-party apps to boost popularity will be notified within Instagram that its fake likes have been removed. They’ll also be prompted to change their password, in case the third-party apps have compromised their account security.

Following the example of Twitter’s crackdown on bots, weeding out fraudulent activity is something Instagram will need to continue addressing if it wants to protect the integrity of its ad business.

So if you see Instagram follower accounts drop, it’s not because that profile offended people, but because the followers were initially fake.

Instagram has been taking down fake accounts since at least 2014, but this is the first time it’s publicly discussed removing fake likes from posts

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