Windows Keyboard Shortcut to Ease your work flow

Amazing Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Eases Your work

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Like Me, many PC users want to get the best out of their machine, wish to do more in a short period of time and with ease. There are however many hidden secrets behind the keyboard that will make your everyday use of the PC more easier, fast and smooth. Yes, the mouse and the trackpad on laptops are awesome but imagine accomplishing a task with a combination of 2 or 3 keys that work normally take several clicks and ‘steering’ of the mouse. Here in this post, I will list a few amazing keyboard shortcuts that make you a pro user of the PC.

In my upcoming posts, I will provide other keyboard shortcuts that are peculiar to a particular program, e.g Microsoft word and excel keyboard shortcuts.

In this post, I used WINKEY to refer to the Windows Logo key on the Keyboard.

Windows Logo Key Winkey
The Windows Logo Key (Winkey)

Handy Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Make Work Easier

  • WINKEY: Bring up the start menu
  • CTRL + ESC: Bring up the start menu, particularly useful if your keyboard has no WINKEY
  • WINKEY + A: Open or close windows Action Center on Windows 10
  • WINKEY + D: Minimizes all open windows and show desktop, Press again to go back to the previous window.
  • WINKEY + E: Open file explorer
  • WINKEY + I: open settings in windows 10
  • WINKEY + Comma(,): Peeks at the desktop, release the keys to go back to the previous window
  • WINKEY + Right / Left Key: Maximize program windows or Desktop to the right or left of the screen.
  • WINKEY + Up /Down: Maximize or Minimize a selected program window
  • WINKEY + L: Lock and log you out of windows. This is very useful if you need to be away from your PC for a short period of time and do not want to shut down or hibernate and of course, you don’t want any intrusion. Once you log back in, you find everything on your PC the way you left them.
  • WINKEY + M: Minimize all program windows
  • WINKEY + SHIFT + M: Restore minimized windows
  • WINKEY + P: Choose presentation display mode, useful when connected with a projector
  • WINKEY + R: Opens the RUN dialog box, to run a specific program, folder, document e.t.c, type the name in the space provided and hit enter. The RUN interface is popular for running command prompt. To do this type cmd and hit the Enter key.

**Pro Tip: To run the command prompt as administrator, hold CTRL + SHIFT and then hit ENTER

  • WINKEY + S: Open search to search files on PC.
  • WINKEY + X: Opens Quick access link, a list of options to manage your PC. Press the UP/DOWN key to navigate through the options and press ENTER to select. You can also run the Command prompt as an Administrator here.
  • WINKEY + CTRL + D: Create a Virtual Desktop
  • WINKEY + CTRL + F4: Close the virtual Desktop
  • WINKEY + CTRL + Left / Right Arrow key: Navigate through the virtual desktop
  • WINKEY + TAB: Display “Task View” with an overview of all the open programs. Use the Arrow key to move through the program Hit ENTER to Select

General Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CTRL + C(or CTRL + Insert): Copy the selected item(s)
  • CTRL + X: Cut the selected item(s)
  • CTRL + V(or SHIFT + insert): Paste the copied/cut selected item(s)
  • CTRL + Z: Undo an action
  • CTRL + Y: Redo an action
  • DELETE (or CTRL + D): Delete the selected Item(s) and move to recycle bin
  • F2: Rename selected item
  • ALT + F4: Close an active program window. If used on the desktop forefront, it invokes the shutdown windows prompt
  • ESC: Stop or Quit a Current task
  • ALT + TAB: Switches between Open Windows. Pressing the Key combination launches a layover that shows all open programs. If multiple programs are opened, hold the ALT key and Continuously Tap the TAB key to navigate between programs

**Pro Tip: You can reverse the navigation by holding ALT + SHIFT while tapping the TAB key

  • SHIFT + DEL: Permanently delete a file or folder without Recycle Bin

These are in no way an exhaustive list of all Windows keyboard shortcuts, but they are sure to make your everyday use of the PC easier and faster. For a comprehensive and exhaustive list of all available windows Keyboard shortcuts, you can visit the Microsoft Support. Do you find any other Keyboard shortcuts handy which are not included in the list? Please add in the comment below. Do well to share this article, it might be very helpful for some others.

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