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Google Search Tricks And Tips To Improve Your Search Experience

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Google is no doubt the most popular search engine in the world. An average Internet user uses it on a daily basis, however, most users are not aware of the many tricks to improve their search results. As a result, you are overloaded with a lot of information with each search entry. What if I tell you can limit your search result to a few parameters set by you, Yes, You. This means you can be in control of what results you get from Google Search upon each search entry. With this, you will not be overloaded with countless number of data you do not need, you get your specific results as exactly how you want it.

After going through these few tricks and tips, your googling experience is bound to change, your research skills improved and search time reduced

Use Quotes to search for exact phrase

If you are searching for a specific phrase on the internet, put the phrase in quote and google will search for where the phrase appears exactly. Particularly useful if you want to filter out unnecessary data.

Example: Search for “Technologically amazing things” (with the double quote), and google search will return links to where the exact keywords can only be found just as it is written, from the internet.

Use asterisk (*) in Quotes

Imagine trying to search for an exact phrase by using Quotes as above, but you can not remember a particular word in the phrase or sentence, Use an asterisks (*) to replace the unknown. Google search will return all the variations of that phrase by replacing your asterisks with the missing word.

Example: Searching for “* is the father of invention” will return results containing full sentence with all possible variations of word replacing the asterisk *

Narrow Your search with Google Scholar

Libraries are known for books and research, but it’s getting less and less users with the improvement in Technology. However Google Scholar gives you the same feel of a physical library. This is particularly useful if you’re searching for scholarly articles, Research Publications, theses, peer review papers and publication from sites that end with .edu

Visit to use Google scholar

Use Hyphen to separate Keywords

Use a hyphen (-) to separate search your keywords from one another to find the most relevant match or links to your search term. It helps the search engine to distinguish between two separate keywords.

Example: searching for transformers-movies will give you the results that matches or contains the keyword transformer and movies and exclude other results that may include only movies or only transformers

Use the minus (-) sign to exclude what you don’t want in your result

If you don’t want a particular word to be included in your Google Search results, put a minus (-) sign just before the word you don’t want in your search result.

Example: searching for transformers – movies will give you the results that contains the keyword transformers alone but will exclude any result that may include transformer and movies

Filter your Search with a number range

This is particularly useful if you are searching for a particular product that falls in a price range. To do this, type the upper and lower limit in a double asterisks (**).

Example: Searching for laptop *N70,000-N150,000* will search for laptops with the stated prize range.

Type a location before your search entry

When you need to search for something peculiar to a particular location, filter your search by typing the desired location before you search query. The results will be ones pertaining to the specified location.

Example: Searching for Lagos Technology companies will return results about technology companies in Lagos alone

Take Advantage of Google Search Shortcut keywords

Use the “Site” keyword in your search phrase

This is shortcut for searching within a website. This limits your search term to only the specified website.

Example: searching for technologysite: will search for the term “technology” from the website.

Use Google to get definitions

Simply type in “define” followed by a word and google will give you the definition of the word, from various sources

Example: search for Define Technology and get the definition straight away

Calculate with Google

Google has the capability to calculate and convert currencies or units without you getting your hands on a calculator. Simply type your equations and conversion into the search bar.

Example: Type 200+700-6/5 in google search bar, tap the search and get the result of the expression

Type in 500 dollars to Naira or 60 Inches to centimeters to get the results

Want more?

Use Google Advanced Search

Another interesting feature of the google search is its advanced search. With Google Advanced search you do not have to remember any of those keywords or tricks. The Advanced search page has a few text boxes you will fill to set parameters for your search and filter / narrow down your results.


Use a smart phone ?

A very useful tool available on all android smart phone from version 6.0 upwards and available for download on Apple store for Iphone is the google Assistant. The app lets you perform all your search with your voice, it equally reads your results to you. there are a lot more you can achieve with Google assistant on your smart phone. Click here for a step by step guide on how to use the google assistant and a list of what it can do.

Final Thoughts

We all use the internet to access more information and news from websites and other internet resources. Learning how to search the internet for these information is an essential skill for using the internet. While we can let google search and other search engines interpret our requests and give a broad general result, there are times when the results are just overwhelming. At such times we want something specific. Knowing how to use Google’s powerful search tips and tricks to narrow your search to something more specific will make the technology work for you.

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