Trends of 2019 in Nigeria

Top trends of 2019 in Nigeria – What Nigerians searched the most in 2019

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Yes, 2019 is over, but how did you use the internet? One of the beauties of the internet though is that it never forgets, so let’s have a flashback and see some of the most popular topics Nigerians discussed in 2019, the trends of 2019 in Nigeria (Data gotten from Google Trends). These will be in categories:

Stories that Trended in 2019

A lot definitely happened in Nigeria in 2019, but here are the top 10 stories that were discussed the most on the internet

Most Trended People in 2019

Here are the top 10 people Nigerians talked about in 2019 on the internet

Top 10 Music Artiste that trended in 2019

Nigerians surely love entertainment and music tends to lead the way. See if your favorite artiste is part of the top 10 that trended in the past year

Tope 10 Movies Actors that trended in 2019

With Nigerian movie industry leading the way in Africa, here are the top 10 Nollywood actress that trended on the internet in 2019

Top 10 Movies / TV Series that Trended in 2019

2019 was quite amazing for movies and TV series lovers in Nigeria, and they, of course, took to the internet to talk about it. Here are the top 10 Movies/Tv series people talked about the most in 2019.

Top 10 Mobile phone Trend in 2019

This particular trend amazes me, it shows that Nigerians Really knows the best of gadgets when it comes to mobile phone. Here are the 10 most talked-about mobile phone on the internet in 2019

We also have some very funny and interesting questions to find answers to and google did well to keep an archive of the most asked questions on the internet in Nigeria for the year 2019.

Top 10 What is … Questions

Top 10 How to … Questions

2019 was indeed a mixture of fun and very serious activities for the Nigerian internet space. As you continue in 2020, make the best use of the internet and stay safe. Remember the internet does not forget.

Credit: Google Trends

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