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How to Maximize Technology For Small Business [Useful Tools]

Last updated on October 29th, 2018,
Technology in Small Business
Technology in Small Business

Every business owner wants his product to get directly to his potential customers, and in turn buys from him. Today, Technology makes that fairly easy. Technology in small business is hence a major requirement for business growth. In this blog post, i will discuss a few steps you can take to develop your business using the technology available today.These are very easy steps and you don’t have to be a computer geek or Tech guru. To start with, let’s mention a few benefit and useful technological tools in small scale businesses.

Benefits of Technology in Small Business

Effective Customer Communication

Every successful business needs to communicate effectively with its clients and customers. Technology has enhanced faster delivery of goods and services upon requests from the clients. Besides that, business information are more readily available to any client, any where and at any time with the help of internet technology.

Useful Tools
  • Business Website:One of the most important tool for reaching out to new and existing customer is a business website. Technology has made it easy and cheap to have a business website for every one. You can try these free simple options to build a very simple web page for your start-up business:
  1. Google site
  2. Bloggers.com
  3. WordPress.com
  4. Wix.com
  5. Website.com
  6. shopify.com  and a whole lot more.

Note that most of these services also have a premium option where you have to pay. This usually comes with more option and customization

  • Blog: Writing articles about the product and services you provide is another great way of reaching out to your customers. As a result, you will be able to convince your clients that you have a mastery of the business. Bloggers.com and WordPress.com are great tools you can use yourself
  • Emails: Use a professional looking email (e.g [email protected] instead of [email protected]). This will certainly have more impact in the mind of clients.
  • Social Media: Have a business social media account with the business name and reach out to your customers from there. Hootsuite is a very great tool that can help you manage all you social media account all in one place.
  • Business contact Phone Number: Always make sure that your business phone number is always included in any ads or reply to your customers. Always maintain separateness between personal and business activities. Be professional.


Technology  has helped small businesses in reaching new and existing customers in geographic areas farther than imagined. In addition, Internet marketing, (like a simple informational website, ads on search engines, online product sales and email marketing ) makes it possible for businesses to reach large number of people.

Useful tools
  • Email marketing: Collect emails of potential and existing customers and utilize the power of email marketing. Send mails about offers, new deal, new arrivals and other promotions that will interest your buyers.
  • Social Media Pages: Advertise your business using the social media pages that has been created for it.
  • Website: Promote your business on your website and also, promote the website.
  • Google Digital Skills provides you with the opportunity to learn more on internet marketing for free and get to know more useful tools. You even get a certification for it.


Many business operation can be run concurrently, with the right technological tools. Hence, ensuring a larger productivity. Additionally, technology allows for efficient multitasking, faster and accurate delivery of goods and services.

Useful Tools
  • Simple Cloud Storage: Examples of these are Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. These tools allows for easy collaboration and provides security for your files against theft and misplacement. In addition, it ensures that you can work any where.
  • Emails: Develop efficient email management process that makes it easier for flow of messages.


Technology Reduces Travel costs as it allows for virtual meetings and data distribution without the need to be in the same room. As a result, a lot of business operation can be carried out any where and without a physical office.

Useful tool
  • Video conference: a good tool for this is skype. It allows two or more individuals carry out business operations and hold meetings without been physically present in the same place.

Operation Efficiency

Furthermore, Technology can help businesses understand better, its operations. Examples are in, analyzing the business cash flows and inventories. Also, Businesses can save money and time by holding meetings over the internet.


Technology helps businesses protect their business ideas and executive decisions from business competitors. These novel business ideas are usually digitized and kept on a secure  computer.

Research Capacity

The Technological capacity to research into new opportunities will help the business stay ahead of its competition. In effect, Internet Technology allows a business travel in and out of a wide market without an extra cost.


With the Research Capacity that technology provides, it is possible to scale or measure the business capacity. Hence, scaling the business makes it easy to expand and grow it.

Opportunity for quick Growth

As mentioned above the use of technology allows for easy marketing, research and scalability. This therefore affords the business a big opportunity for quick growth and expansion.

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