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How To Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage

Last updated on December 16th, 2018,

Mobile Internet Data plans are not cheap. And they are also limited, Irrespective of the volume of data you purchase. With the new era of smartphone and internet, mobile internet data usage cannot be over emphasized. Therefore, the question is, how do you reduce mobile internet data usage and as a result reduce your bills while still getting the best value of your smartphone and the internet?

The answer is to be smart with your smartphone.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce mobile internet data usage on your smart phone. As a result you get to save some money too.

Restrict Background Data Usage

With Android 7.0 and Up, this can easily be done by using the Data saver mode. However, for a more thorough restriction (and for Android 7.0 and down), you can restrict the background data for individual app. This method can affect the performance of the app. For example, you may not get messages from the app until you manually open the app.

To restrict background data by app:

  1. Go to your device’s setting
  2. Tap Data usageReduce Mobile internet data
  3. Tap Cellular data usageReduce Mobile internet data
  4. To find the apps, scroll down
  5. Tap on each app to see more details about it
    Reduce Mobile internet data
    List of apps using Internet Data
  6. To restrict background data usage for each app, turn of the Background Data option
    Reduce Mobile internet data
    Turn of Background data
  7. Do the same for each of the app you wish to restrict its background data use

Turn off Auto Synchronization

When Automatic synchronization is turned on Google apps and other apps associated with accounts on the phone refreshes at time interval. As a result your device gets notifications about updates and others. Turning off auto-sync helps you reduce mobile internet data usage.

To turn of Auto-sync

  1. First, open settings on your device
  2. Tap on accounts
    Reduce Mobile internet data
    Tap on Account in settings
  3. On the more : options tab, turn off Auto-sync data. This is a total restriction on automatic synchronization.
    Reduce Mobile internet data
    Turn off auto sync for all account
  4. To be selective, You can tap on each listed accounts to select which app you want to disable auto-sync data.
    Reduce Mobile internet data
    Turn Off auto-sync for selected app in an account

You can manually Sync your account later whenever you want

  1. Open settings on your device
  2. Tap on accounts
  3. choose the account you want
  4. Tap more : sync now
    Reduce Mobile internet data
    Sync manually

Manage Your Internet Browsing with Data Saving Apps

Many Mobile internet browser comes with data saving Technology. Hence, these browsers compresses web pages while you surf the internet and help reduce mobile internet data usage. First on the list is Google Chrome. It usually come pre-installed on android devices.

On Google chrome browser, go to settings > data saver. Switch it on if not already.

Another good browser is Operamini which is built around low data usage. Data saving is enabled by default.

Use Alternative Apps with Less Data Usage

Social Media and Messaging apps requires a higher rate of internet data. Gladly, these social medias are making a lite version of their conventional apps. Consequently, these alternative lite versions help reduce mobile internet data usage as they require little internet data, while still giving the same functionality as the conventional. Why not take advantages of these alternatives to reduce your mobile internet data use. For example,

  • Facebook lite
  • Messenger lite
  • Twitter lite

Use Wi-fi for Auto Update

Choose the “Update over wi-fi only” option in your play store. Use the same option for your cloud storage appications as well. E.g Google Drive

Switch of Your Data to reduce mobile internet data usage

    When there is no need for internet usage, you can save more by simply putting the mobile data off

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