Tecno Telescopic macrolens

Tecno launches telescopic lens and first Android phone with sensor shift

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Africa’s leading smartphone brand, TECNO announced last year December its upcoming telescopic macro lens for smartphones. The announcement revealed that the new lens would feature a compress back focal length (BFL) design with motorized stretchable lenses to offer a large aperture and continuous lossless zoon. At the time, the company also said that it would showcase a concept phone featuring the new lens in Q1 2022. While Tecno is yet to showcase the concept phone, it has now officially unveiled the new telescopic macro lens. (source: xda).

Tecno’s new telescopic macro lens will feature a mechanical element that lets it extend out from the smartphone body, allowing users to take close-up shots of objects without having to get too close to them. This is shown in the official video description.

The lens offers 5x optical zoom and Tecno claims that images captured using the new lens are comparable to ones captured using the main camera in terms of quality. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Tecno is yet to release technical specifications for this new lens or any sample images so far. But it is expected that the company will share more details when it showcases the previously teased concept phone later this year. TECNO’s concept phone with a telescopic lens will come out in Q1 2022.

First Android phone to integrate Sensor-Shift

TECNO also plans to release its Sensor-Shift technology in 2022, making itself the first mobile phone brand in the Android system to do so. Sensor-Shift is an image stabilization technology that uses sensor movements instead of lens movements to compensate for vibrations. In the future, the control accuracy of TECNO’s Sensor-Shift will reach 350% of the current level with further algorithm optimization. Then, consumers will be able to take studio-quality photos with more stability.


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