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Binance Breached, $40 Million worth of Bitcoin Stolen

One of the world's largest bitcoin exchange, Binance, has confirmed that the company has lost nearly $41 Million worth of bitcoin to hackers. In a...
Thanos Gauntlet on Google

With a Snap, Thanos Takes away your Google Search Results

With the Marvel Studios and Walt Disney's Avenger : Endgame in Cinemas around the world, Google has a surprise for you that allows you...
how to restrict how you are added to a whatsapp group

How to stop Just Anyone from Adding you to a WhatsApp Group

Sometimes ago, WhatsApp announced a feature to help users restrict how they are added to a group conversation on the app and it's said...
you don't need safely remove hardware

Why you might not need ‘safely remove’ before ejecting flash drive on Windows

Almost every PC user either a pro or not is very familiar with the instruction to 'safely remove hardware' before pulling out a USB...
Google suite to allow editing Microsoft office files

Google Docs, Sheet and Slide Now Allows you to edit Microsoft Office files Directly

A great news for those who use Google's suite of apps for easy collaboration, as Google suite now allows users to edit Microsoft office...

Telegram Cashed in on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram Outage; Gained 3 Million Users

Last week, on the 13thof March, many users around the world reported issues with whatsapp, messenger and instagram, ranging from inability to send messages...
Android 10 Q

Android 10 Q Announced, to come with more Features and Elegance

Google has announced the beta edition (developer preview) of Android 10 otherwise known as Android Q, the latest in android mobile OS versions on...

Google Currency conversion Error: Converts $1 to ₦184 instead of ₦362

On Friday 22nd of February, it was noticed that there was a glitch with the Google conversion onebox as it was showing a wrong...

China Announces the World’s First Female AI News Anchor 

A popular news agency in China, Xinhua News, has announced its plan to debut their first female-gendered (Artificial Intelligence) AI news anchor in March. This will...
All The Galaxy S10 lineup

Samsung Officially Announces the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold and they are the Beasts 

February 20th marked the 10th anniversary of the flagship line, the Galaxy series and Samsung took the opportunity to release the 10th iteration of...

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