Microsoft and chatGPT

Microsoft aims to include OpenAI’s chatGPT Technology into Word and email – Report

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In recent months, news about artificial intelligence has dominated the tech industry. Both admiration and criticism have been shown for the ChatGPT chatbot. It appears Microsoft has found love in the new OpenAI’s Chatbot

Microsoft has talked about including OpenAI’s artificial intelligence, ChatGPT in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other apps so users can automatically generate text using simple prompts, according to a person with direct knowledge of the effort, reported The Information. This could change how more than a billion people write documents, presentations, and emails.

But achieving these objectives won’t be simple. According to the report, Microsoft researchers and engineers have been working on AI tools for producing emails and documents for more than a year. The privacy function would be a key component. According to the information, Microsoft is making efforts to prevent client data from leaking through the tool.

What this means – Microsoft and ChatGPT

  • According to a recent rumor, Microsoft will integrate ChatGPT, an AI tool, inside its Office software.
  • By integrating ChatGPT, users would be able to create texts utilizing prompts.
  • According to a different rumor, ChatGPT would be incorporated into Microsoft’s Bing search engine to produce results for user inquiries.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft made a $1 billion investment in the ChatGPT AI technology, and it now appears that the company may soon see a return on that money.

Microsoft and OpenAI announced a collaboration in 2019 in which the tech giant would spend $1 billion on OpenAI. The relationship also included an agreement to train GPT-3.5, which runs the well-known ChatGPT chatbot, using Microsoft’s Azure AI supercomputing platform. After a few years of collaboration, it seems Microsoft is eager to see a return on its investment.

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