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Google Currency conversion Error: Converts $1 to ₦184 instead of ₦362

Posted on February 24th, 2019

On Friday 22nd of February, it was noticed that there was a glitch with the Google conversion onebox as it was showing a wrong conversion rate for the dollar to Nigerian Naira currency.  The accompanying graphical presentation was however correct but the text totally wrong.

Google conversion error
Google conversion error

This error quickly went viral and caused quite a stir on twitter. This is particularly because of the timing of this glitch in the country,  a few how’s to the presidential elections. Here are some reactions:

Some however believed that this has a political tone to it, as it happened just a few hours to the elections.

As a result, a favourite Nigerian currency exchange site, Abokifx.com, crashed for a while presumably due to traffic to confirm this exchange rate. (The site is now back up).

Google has since released a statement on twitter, acknowledging this glitch: “We’re aware of an issue causing inaccurate conversions for Nigerian Naira currency, so we will remove the conversion onebox from appearing in search results until we are able to diagnose the issue”

This error has since been fixed and the Google conversion onebox now shows the correct conversion rate.

Correct dollar to Naira conversion
Correct dollar to Naira conversion


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