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Here’s how to stop people from Adding you to a Whatsapp Group

Last updated on April 17th, 2019,
how to restrict how you are added to a whatsapp group
Credit : Whatsapp

Few weeks ago, whatsapp announced a feature to help users restrict how they are added to a group conversation on the app and it’s said to be due in about a month. The much anticipated feature is now available and is been rolled out for iOS and Android users.
If you remember, the feature is expected to have three options
1. Nobody – this option stops anyone from adding you to a group without an invitation
2. My contacts – this restricts the group invitation to only your contacts and
3.Anyone – with this, anyone can add you to a group without an invitation, remain as it is now
How to set it up

To enable this feature follow this steps:

Open WhatsApp on your phone, and go to Settings > Accounts > Privacy.

Tap on Groups, and select the option that suits you best from the three above stated options.

For any user who values his/her privacy the first and second options are the best. However if you are alright with joining any group solicited on not, you may want to choose the last option.

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