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Top 20 Most Popular Nigerian Website

Top 20 Most Popular Nigerian Websites – 2018

There is no doubt that Nigeria has contributed and continues to contribute immensely to the world's cyber space, with an indelible and clear digital...
Google images

How To Search Google With An Image

Google is no doubt the most popular search engine world wide. The search engine boast of a lot of amazing search tricks that helps...
what are internet cookies

What Are Internet Cookies? Are They Save?

We have all come across web pages telling us about their cookie policy and asking the us to either accept it or decline. Some...

How To Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage

Mobile Internet Data plans are not cheap. And they are also limited, Irrespective of the volume of data you purchase. With the new era...
Internet security and privacy

How To Browse The Internet Securely and Privately – 6 Best Methods

Sometimes ago I wrote about how to stay safe on the web while using internet service. However, most people - if not everyone - ...
Google search Tips

Google Search Tricks And Tips To Improve Your Search Experience

Google is no doubt the most popular search engine in the world. An average Internet user uses it on a daily basis, however, most...
Be social Network smart Be safe

Social Network, Internet And You: How To Stay Safe

The 21st Century has seen a dramatic turn-around in the way people connect. Traditionally, the term "Social Network" will entail visiting friends, hanging out...
Everything About Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday And Cyber Monday – What And When Are They In 2018

One of the biggest shopping periods of the year is the day of Black Friday which usually extends to the following Monday, dubbed Cyber...
facebook data breach check if you are affected

Facebook Data Breach: 30 Million Affected, How To Check If You Are One Of...

Earlier in September, Facebook announced that the Social Network site has been hacked. It reported that an estimated 50 million users might have been...

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