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Google suite to allow editing Microsoft office files

Google Docs, Sheet and Slide Now Allows you to edit Microsoft Office files Directly

A great news for those who use Google's suite of apps for easy collaboration, as Google suite now allows users to edit Microsoft office...

Search What You See Using Your Camera With Google Lens

One of the biggest announcement from Google back in 2017 was the Google Lens. Released in October of that year, it remained an exclusive...
Google images

How To Search Google With An Image

Google is no doubt the most popular search engine world wide. The search engine boast of a lot of amazing search tricks that helps...

Do More With Your SmartPhone USB OTG – 7 Creative Ways To Use It

The Smartphone USB port known as the OTG (USB On-The-Go) is the most under utilized part of  mobile smartphone among users. For some, its...
Solar Energy

Solar Energy: A Viable Energy Option?

There is a clear correlation between economic growth and development and electricity supply. Any part of the world that wants to grow in technology...
Google search Tips

Google Search Tricks And Tips To Improve Your Search Experience

Google is no doubt the most popular search engine in the world. An average Internet user uses it on a daily basis, however, most...
Windows Keyboard Shortcut to Ease your work flow

Amazing Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Eases Your work

Like Me, many PC users wants to get the best out of their machine, wish to do more in a short period of time...
Everything About Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday And Cyber Monday – What And When Are They In 2018

One of the biggest shopping periods of the year is the day of Black Friday which usually extends to the following Monday, dubbed Cyber...
Maximize your Device with Google Assistant

Maximize The Use of Your Mobile Device With Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an amazing Virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence.This means that it can make you phone work for you at your command...
Technology in Small Business

How to Maximize Technology For Small Business [Useful Tools]

Every business owner wants his product to get directly to his potential customers, and in turn buys from him. Today, Technology makes that fairly...

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