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samsung Foldable Smartphone Unveiled

Samsung Finally Unveils Its Foldable Smartphone

As earlier Speculated, Samsung has given tech lovers their first look at a new folding smartphone. Rumors about the new device has been going...
Facebook Watchlist_Android

Facebook Watch : A YouTube Contender is Here

Launched in August 2017, Facebook Watch is a new strategy from Facebook that shows it is taking video more seriously than ever, and as...
Whatsapp Banking

WhatsApp Banking: Innovative Idea To Ease Banking Transactions In Nigeria

The world of technology is rapidly advancing, and every sector is diving in to take its advantage. Since inception, Whatsapp-the world's most popular messaging...
Samsung foldable Phone

Samsung Foldable Phone: Release Date and Leaked Specs

The world's Electronic Giant Samsung is preparing to release the first Foldable Phone the world has ever seen. Rumors about this got out earlier...
whatsapp Reply Privately

WhatsApp To Allow Users Reply Privately In A Group Chat

Since its inception, Whatsapp has grown rapidly to become the most popular Instant Messaging App Worldwide. Over the years the company has gone through...
whatsapp ads

WhatsApp Will Now Be Showing Ads !

Whatsapp - the most popular Instant Messaging App with over 1.5 Billion Global users - is officially getting ads. The company's Vice President Chris...
Everything About Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday And Cyber Monday – What And When Are They In 2018

One of the biggest shopping periods of the year is the day of Black Friday which usually extends to the following Monday, dubbed Cyber...
facebook data breach check if you are affected

Facebook Data Breach: 30 Million Affected, How To Check If You Are One Of...

Earlier in September, Facebook announced that the Social Network site has been hacked. It reported that an estimated 50 million users might have been...
twitter lets you know if you've been hacked

Twitter Now Lets You Know If You’ve Been Hacked – See How!

Twitter has recently rolled out a new security feature for its users, dubbed Apps and Sessions. This feature allows you as a users to...
Google Plus Data Breach

Google Plus (G+) To Shut Down After Massive Unreported Data Breach

The Social Media Network of the world most popular tech company, Google is to be shut down after massive data breach. The technology company...

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