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Whatsapp will  Soon let you Reject Unsolicited Group Invite 

Whatsapp has for sometime now been the go to App for messaging, video and voice calls and a quick means of broadcasting information. Interestingly,...
iPhone and Money

Prices of iPhones to Reduce for Future Releases

In an interview with Reuters, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said “Apple is rethinking how it prices the iPhone outside the United States” explaining that setting...

Instagram Back Online After a Brief Outage 

At about 00:20 GMT on Tuesday (7:21 p.m. ET on Monday),, a website that monitors outages reported issues with Instagram as users around the world...

Whatsapp,Instagram and Facebook Messenger to be Integrated to one by 2020

Mark Zuckeberg, the owner and CEO of the world's biggest social media platform Facebook, Photo sharing network Instagram and the world's biggest instant messaging...
china bing

Microsoft Search Engine, Bing Blocked in China

Bing, Microsoft-Owned search engine has become the latest internet service to be shut down by the Chinese government's Great Firewall according to a report...

1 Year to go – Microsoft is Ending Support for Windows 7 in 2020

To many users, windows 7 has been the best Microsoft Os and millions still uses it until now even after the release of the...

The World’s First Foldable Smartphone Is Out-And It’s not Samsung

Last year Samsung announced its plan of releasing the world's first foldable smartphone, the Korea giant went further to unveil the product at its...

10 Years Later- How Bitcoin Rose To Become Huge

Bitcoin turned 10 years on January 3rd this year 2019. The first lines of code were committed to the bitcoin blockchain on January 3rd,...
Android 10 Q Dark mode

Android 10 Q to Come With a System-Wide Dark Mode

Android users have for some time wish for and pleaded with app developers and Google to implement dark themes on the OS. Now it...

Two Huawei Workers Get Demoted for Tweeting From an iPhone 

Earlier this week, the fast-rising Chinese company, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, demoted and cut the pay of two of her employees held responsible for a...

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